At secure store we understand the importance of your belongings that’s why you’ve trusted us to keep your belongings safe and secure.

We can assure you that while your belongings are with us at our self storage facility they will be stored in a secure, dry environment and under surveillance 24/7, putting your mind at ease.

However, before you drop your belongings off at our self storage facility we do encourage you to follow the following our self storage tips to pack your items for storage.


Stock up on packing supplies


Cardboard boxes

The first packing supply you’re going to need is some cardboard boxes to put your personal belongs in, we recommend that you group similar items together in the same box to keep things organised.

Heavy-duty packing tape

To prevent your items falling out of the boxes we suggest that you use heavy duty packing tape to keep your boxes closed to ensure that everything stays in the box while in storage. Not only will tape ensure everything stays in the box but it also adds an extra layer of privacy to your belongings.

Bubble wrap

Yes, that fun stuff you loved popping as a kid. If you’re storing delicate items at our storage facility then we recommend you get yourself some bubble wrap and wrap any delicate items before placing the items in the box, this will prevent damage once in storage and during their journey to our storing facility.


Organise your items and label every box

To keep your belongings organised while at our self storage facility we suggest you label every box to ensure you can find items easily. For example, have you ever moved house only to realise when arriving at the new place you can’t find anything when unpacking? So to save your sanity label everything before storing it.


Pack delicate items with extra care

If you’re planning on storing delicate items at our storage facility we suggest packing them with extra care. We mentioned earlier in this article that you wrap any delicate items in bubble wrap to prevent damage once in storage and during their journey to our storing facility.


Don’t overload your boxes

A common mistake we see people make when packing their belongings is they place to many items in one box. We advise you don’t do this and instead pack your boxes lightly, this will ensure the boxes don’t rip and damage your belongings while in storage.


Disassemble your furniture

Yes, we all hate doing it, we all hate assembling and disassembling furniture we all have a story or two about that time we bought furniture from IKEA. However, from our experience, we encourage you to follow this step before placing your furniture in storage as it frees up space and makes it easier when transporting the furniture to our facility.


Clean before you store

To keep your belongings in the best-kept condition we suggest that you clean all your belongings before arrival at our self storage facility. It’s our job to keep your belongings safe, it’s your job to your belongings in good condition.

We hope that the above tips were helpful. If you follow the above steps we can ensure that your belongings will have a comfortable stay at our self storage facility.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message or give us a call.